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Find and Download Your Application Here!

FileHippo is a popular website which has the collection of a huge amount of applications there. Of course, it shows that this is the place where you can find the application that you might need. However, if you are having some plans to download the certain application on this website, it would be better for you to know about this website first. You also have to know about the download instructions and many things else.

The Collections of The Applications

As the portal website that can help you to find many applications, it would be nice if you also know how this web categorized each application into some classes. In this websites, you can find the list of popular applications that many people usually want to download. Besides that, you also can look any software from the recent update of the software. Then, it will make you easier in searching for the newest software.

If you already know what type of application or software that you want to download, you can directly search for the name of the software. Then, you will get the result of the software and download that software into your PC.

Choosing the Software

If you are looking for software in a certain category, like antivirus, of course, you really have to consider many things or aspects that can affect the work of the software. In another hand, you have to choose software which has good specifications, so that you will not feel any disappointment after downloading and installing the software.

Besides that, considering your friends’ opinion about certain software that they already use before is also a good way to choose any software. You also can consider the software that people recommend for you since a recommendation usually can show you a great work as software for your PC.

You also can find the best software by reading some reviews about certain applications that you want to know. Then, the reviews will show you about how people give their opinion and their rating to the software. From that point, you can learn about the quality and the performance of the software too.

Tips to Download Applications Easily

Even though FileHippo is popular to make you easier in downloading the application, it does not mean that you do not need any tips. You still need many tips so that you can download the application easier. Then, what do you need to do for your easier software downloading?

  • Knowing The Applications that You Want

Of course, you have to know what types of application or software that you might need. For example, you might need to download certain photo editor software or any other program. Then, you have to read the review of the available or recommended software if you have more than one choice. After that, you can choose which one is the software that you want to download. If you also want to download software which has a different function, you can make a selection in the same way.

  • Making a List of The Software You Need

You might be looking for many applications or software that you want to install in your PC or laptop. So, you have to make a list of the names of applications or software that you want to download. The list will make you feel easier since you can search for each name that you write on your list once you visit this website. The list will make you stick on your priority of downloading.

  • Download Your Application/Software

After you know about the list of the software or application that you want to download, you can download it one by one. Please make sure to follow the instruction, so that you will get the right downloading process of the software that already listed on your list. You do not need to worry since you can download as much as you want on this site.

How to Download the Application in File Hippo

You might be still questioning about the steps to download the software in this site. To help you in downloading the software, you can search based on the category first or based on the name from the search engine there. Then, after you make sure that you already find that certain software that you need, you can start to download the application or the software.

You only need to follow the downloading steps based on the instructions there. For example, you will find the download button and you only need to click the download button there. Besides that, you also have to follow the other instruction that you might find there in order to get the right and complete downloading result.

If you visit FileHippo, actually you might realize that there is a choice of using Torrent to download the software there. If you are using Torrent for download it, it means that you have to fulfill the requirement, so that the Torrent can be used. If you are downloading the files with it, of course, it will make you feel easier to download any files or software that you need for your PC.

To sum up, even though you might easily find the application on the official website of the application, it might be difficult on the steps. So, the existence of this kind of site will be something helpful, in order to make people get an easier way to download the software that they want. Then, if you already understand about this site, you can visit the FileHippo Download Free Software site and download the software that you have to install.

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Easy Eggs Recipe That Can Be Stored Longer

Easy Eggs Recipe

Instead of letting the eggs stored in a raw form. You can also cook it. This is some egg recipe which is people’s favorite and easy to do too. Once you cook them, you can eat them the next day and maybe for the next week. This is some recipe to make the eggs stored longer, and how long do the eggs last with those form.

Easy Eggs Recipe

  1. Hard boiled

Hard Boiled Eggs

You can cook an egg with boiling water. It can be hardboiled and fully cooked or left a half cooked. If you want to store them longer at the refrigerator, it better to boil them not until fully cooked.

Then, when you want to eat them you can reheat it. Place them inside the refrigerator. But don’t freeze it. It can last for a week.

It can be nice to eat every breakfast. You will not wake up in a hurry because you need to cook first. Simply take the hardboiled egg out, reheat it for some minutes.

Or just place them at normal temperature and eat them without reheating it. The hardboiled egg can be placed inside a sandwich or eating without any additional ingredient.

You also can use it as a garnish in your food. For example a garnish in your salad, or next to the baked potato to add some protein.

  1. Omelet

Eggs Omelet

Omelet is everyone’s favorite food. It is really easy to make and need a little time. You don’t need a long time to cook it.

But the most important question is how long do the eggs last with this recipe. When making an omelet, you may place more than one eggs.

Then you may eat it while on the way to the office or school. You may eat it in a hurry and cannot finish them.

Don’t worry, you can still eat them at noon. The omelet which uses salt and pepper can hold the eggs to stay in good quality until 24 hours.

Store them inside a tight container when it is in normal room temperature. Don’t place it inside a container when it still hot.

Because high temperatures in a closed container will cause the appearance of water grains when the temperature gets down. This will cause the omelet wet and rot quickly.

  1. Pickled

Eggs Pickled

The next method is by making it as a pickle. First hardboiled some eggs. Then, peel them and left on a bowl.

After that, mix one cup of water, vinegar, salt, sugar, and pickling spice. Put the peeled eggs inside the mixed water.

You can also add beet juice inside the mix. But the eggs will be red colored.

Pickling may need more time to do. It may take more than two days. But with this method, you can save it longer.

How long do eggs last in refrigerator after being a pickled egg? It can save until more than a month. But in normal temperature, it only lasts for two hours.

After taking it out from the refrigerator, you need to eat it directly. So the flavor is good.

Those three recipes are simple to do even by an elementary school student. This way can be a way to make your morning routine easier because you already have a meal for breakfast.

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5 Reasons HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x Must Be In Your Office

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x is a good printer for your office. It will help many works complete at glance. Moreover, the great features combine with modern technology makes it more than perfect. No wonder if this printer is what people seek all the time, especially those officers.

There are many reasons why this printer is suitable for small business or in office. However, apart from those reasons, here are five top reasons why people buy this printer.

5 Reasons You Have to Buy HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x

According to that reason, here are also why this printer must be in your office.

  1. Wireless Connectivity

First, this printer has already used wireless connectivity technology. This kind of technology makes users easier to print out their document everywhere. They don’t even need to go to the office only to print out. Moreover, they only need to connect the printer with their phone.

After that, they can print their documents through their mobile phone. The users have to ensure that their connectivity is stable. The officers can print the document even when they are outside. Only one click then the printer will print it which is different from the old style.

  1. Quiet

The machine of this printer won’t make any annoying noise. It is quiet until you cannot hear when this printer works. It is very important when you work in an office. Many people concentrate on their job. Thus, any noises will bother them.

This is also the advantage or benefit of using this printer. Therefore, no more noisy printer in your office.

  1. Fast

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x can print the document faster than expected. Moreover, it is also faster than its competitor. The performance won’t slow down even you print in both-sided. Let’s say 8.5 seconds where it can print more pages than other printers.

However, it prints in 5.9 seconds in first print out. Because it works fast, it makes you save your time and energy. You don’t need to wait too long for it to get it done. Its speed won’t let you down.

HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x Ink Toner

  1. Secure Your Document

Another thing that you cannot miss is the security of this printer. Deep security protects data and documents. Moreover, it also protects the device from any threats. Therefore, once there is a threat, this printer will detect it automatically.

However, if it affects the device, this printer has a solution. It can heal itself by the security program. Therefore, you don’t need to panic of losing data or get your data insecure. HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x offers you a great deal of innovative technology for your office.

  1. Tracking Tools

Just like a spy, this printer has a variety of tools to track printer usage. Through these tools, the users will know how much paper and toner that they use. Moreover, this printer will show the printer status and consumable. Great isn’t it?

All you do in this printer has been recorded. No more cheating printing I’m afraid.

Those are brief explanations of why an office must have HP Laserjet Enterprise M506x. The reasons above represent how great technology is brought by this printer.

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Making Instagram Captions For Campaign, Here What to Considers!

Captions For Campaign

Sometimes there is a campaign that so important but has minimal publication. And you want to help them to spread the information. Besides posting the picture of the campaign, you should make an attractive caption but also has detail information for the follower.

Making Instagram Captions For Campaign

Here are some tips to make a great Instagram caption for the campaign.

Purpose Of Campaign

The first thing people will find out is what is the campaign effect. For example, a campaign to help flood refugees. Make sure the follower know that this program is to help people there.

You can make a caption like “the refugee of Banai Flood is 3000 people. They need our help.” Tell them about the flood, and how big the effect of the refugee’s life.

What To Do To Support Programs

The second things to write in Instagram captions is how they can help or support the programs. Maybe the campaign is open for money donation, food, or looking for a volunteer.

So make sure to write down where people can put donation or contact person who can give further information. Make it clear so the follower easy to support the programs.

What Happen if The Programs Doesn’t Exist

To touch follower’s emotion, be sure to explain what will happen if they don’t support the program. For example “if we don’t help them, they may be sick or cannot go to school like before this disaster”.

Or go ahead with another statement or question as “Don’t you feel sad about their house and family? Let’s do something for them!”

Explain the situation well before asking help to the follower. Too little information will make followers not interested. But too much information will also make them lazy to read more.

If The Caption Is Too Long Divide Into 2 Or Three Post

This is important. The long caption will make people skip the post. So, if the information is too much, just divide it into a few posts.

Maybe two until three posts enough to describe all the information about the campaign. The first picture explains the reason behind programs or campaign.

Then, the second picture describes how to join or support the campaign. The third post tells about contact person or last update of programs.

Location Of Campaign

Location on Instagram

Place where the program will happen needs to explain too. You can just add the location of the photo, but to make sure, it better to give address details in Instagram captions.

Make it simple like giving an address for sending mail. This is to make the followers believe that the program is real and there are many people taking responsibility for these programs or campaign.

Another detail about the campaign is important to explain. For example, tell the follower what exactly need to help the refugees. It helps people to set the priority before giving help for the refugees.

Campaign and charity programs need a lot of support from people. With these tips to make an Instagram caption, the campaign starter will gain more support from others easily.

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Detecting MRT.exe as A Malware And How To Fix It


Mrt.exe is an application inside a computer with windows operating system. Actually, this is not dangerous. This application is installed automatically when the user installing windows and Microsoft.

But there are also some viruses that use this name and extension to camouflage them self. To know which is safe and which is the virus, the user must understand the location of this file.

What is MRT.exe

Is This mrt.exe Virus or Not

The first thing you should understand is that mrt.exe from windows only located in the system32 folder. This mrt.exe is a Microsoft removal tools. It will remove malware automatically.

But if a user finds a mrt.exe outside the system32 folder, it may be a dangerous virus. Delete this directly or with an antivirus. To save the computer, make sure to have an up to date version of antivirus and mrt.exe from Microsoft.

It Keeps Disturbing The Computer

Sometimes mrt.exe use a lot of memory and make the computer feels so slow. In addition, the user cannot open the task manager because this mrt.exe is a virus that infected a computer. It’s ok if the user wants to delete this file. But be sure to follow this step.

  1. Boot Computer to Safe Mode

Safe Mode

To do this step, the user must shut down the computer, and then start it again. While starting, hold the F8 button.

The screen will show an unusual boot screen. Scroll down and choose safe mode. Then, press the enter button.

  1. Start Run Menu

To access this menu, click the start button. Then type run. Choose the run menu, and you will see a blank form. Type “cmd” and press OK.

The next step, the user will see a black screen with some text in it. If the computer is using Windows XP, open folder, choose document and setting folder, click all users, click application. Then copy the location at the address bar.

Back to the black screen. Type cd, paste the address copied before and type dir. After that, the user must tap the enter button.

  1. Find The Malware

The user will see a long list. From the list, find names that contain more than 18 characters. After finding this suspicious file, copy the name.

Then type rd/s/q <the name of suspicious file> and press enter. After that, please type this in reg delete. hkcu\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\runonce/v<the file names>/f. Please be sure to type each character correctly. Then tap the enter button.

If there are more than 1 file which has 18 characters, the user must repeat the steps for every file. This long step may be hard to do.

But instead of harming the computer, it better if the user tries to delete it one by one. This is to make sure there is no virus left on the computer.

Actually, Microsoft gives help to the user who not understand or cannot do these steps. They provide software that can download for free. This software name is Microsoft safety scanner.

After download it, the user just need to install then run it. It is so much easier than doing some steps above. Mrt.exe can be uninstalled easily and the computer is safe.

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Smadav 2019 Antivirus Update and Download

You probably have already Smadav antivirus for your system protection, but you want to update it for better operation and running. No need to worry because we now have Smadav 2019 that is claimed to have better performance and quality when compared to the old version. It doesn’t mean that the new software will be completely different than before – the system only has better functionality and performance than ever.

Smadav 2019 Antivirus Update

Smadav 2019 Features

The Greatest Functionality

If you are looking for an antivirus that can provide backup support to the entire protection and security measurement of the computer operation, then Smadav antivirus would be the best answer. This is a system that can provide nice support when it comes to scanning external devices, especially the USB flash drive.

However, if you are going to use this software as your main and only protection, be ready to be disappointed. I’m not saying that this software is bad or ugly – I’m just saying that this software may not have what it takes to be the main and ultimate protection for your computer. There are several downsides that can seriously compromise the integrity of your protection and it is definitely bad for the computer.

The software is great when you use it as backup protection but it isn’t super powerful or solid enough for the main protection system. You will need to have major antivirus software that can work together with this Smadav to deliver a more satisfying result. Only in this way, you can achieve a fruitful outcome that satisfies everyone.

Smadav 2019 Antivirus Update

Update and Download

There are several ways to get your hands to this software. If you have already used this software before, then you only need to update it. You can immediately go to the official website and find the update link. If you don’t go to the official website, you can always use the search engine and find a trusted website.

If you have never used Smadav antivirus before, then you need to download and install it. The ways are simple and almost similar to the previous steps. You can go to the official website and find the download link. This time, you need the download link because you are about to download it and install it. If you don’t go to the official site, you can (again) use the search engine and find a trusted third party website that can provide you with the link.

Free vs Pro

Smadav has two major options. They Smadav 2019 Antivirus Update where you can use the service without paying anything. But they also offer the paid service, known as Smadav Pro which is claimed to be better and with wider features (and also coverage). In Smadav Pro, you can enjoy automatic updates, application protection, the option to change display or size color, and such thing alike. You can enjoy more features and benefits from the Pro although some people claim that having free service alone is already enough for their computer protection. So, what do you think now about Smadav antivirus?

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How to Fix Macbook Pro Keeps Shutting Down

Have you ever imagined if your MacBook Pro just shutting down without a sign? What if it happens randomly and several times? Then, what if at that time you are doing your task or some important documents? Well, this is going to be a big problem for you. Moreover, if you want to know how to fix MacBook Pro keeps shutting down, but you don’t know the answer.

MacBook Pro could commonly shut down when several programs run at once. However, this randomly shut down usually occurs when the computer suddenly freezes then turns black while it is still running. After that, a couple minutes later, the screen goes pitch black, and the computer shuts down. Then, when you press the power button, it will work fine, but shut down again later. Well, here is how to fix MacBook Pro keeps shutting down.

How to Fix Macbook Pro Keeps Shutting Down:

Reboot and Restart

When your MacBook Pro comes into a random shutdown, reboot immediately and restart it again. In addition, there are some operations that you need to do:

  • Press Command-Option-Escape to force quit applications
  • Choose Sleep from Apple menu
  • Restart MacBook Pro
  • Click Shut Down

However, if your MacBook doesn’t respond, please force Mac to shut down by pressing Power button for 10 seconds.

Update to latest Mac OS

How to fix MacBook Pro keeps shutting down with this way is officially offered by Apple. Moreover, you can update to latest macOS from your computer or download then install it if you don’t have it. To download it in in develop menu then follow the instructions. In addition, don’t forget to backup important data in advance to avoid a second data loss issue.

Reset SMC (System Management Controller)

The System Management Controller (SMC) is responsible for some hardware inside your MacBook. There are different methods to reset SMC depending on your system has a removable battery or not. In addition, MacBook that has a non-removable battery such as any MacBook Pro from 2009 and later. Thus, for MacBook Pro, you need to do some following methods.

  • Shut down your Mac.
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Wait 15 seconds.
  • Plug the power cord back in.
  • Wait for five seconds to turn on your MacBook

Let Apple fix your computer

Your MacBook is still on AppleCare where you can let Apple have a look at your device and fix it. However, if you don’t want to waste your time traveling, go run Apple’s diagnostics tools to figure it out. In addition, You can ask AppleCare about how to fix MacBook Pro keeps shutting down.

Maintain a Healthy Mac

Macs can have problems with their age even they can last for a long time. Monitoring your battery is the other way to maintain your Mac from shutting down randomly. Thus, you will only need to replace the battery which has already consumed. In addition, you can view Mac’s current battery Cycle Counting Battery Information menu.

All that you need to know when your MacBook Pro keeps shutting down has been there. You have no idea whether your document has already saved automatically or not. Moreover, if you turn it on then plug it to electricity, and it still keeps shutting down several times. Well, it’s going to make you crazy. Now you don’t get panic, just slow down and try to fix it. Hope it’s getting well soon.

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[Answer] How to Download Embedded Video

If you don’t know How to Download Embedded Video, you come to the right page now and you will find the right way. Although there is a lot of embedded videos you can see from every websites and Webpage, not every embedded video can be easily downloaded. Downloading embedded videos is not as easy as downloading common videos from YouTube, Facebook and etc. You need a special way to do it.

Luckily, this article will show you at least the 3 ways How to Download Embedded Video which is very simple and applicable so that you will be able to enjoy the video as soon as you have finished the downloading.

3 Ways How to Download Embedded Video You Can Try:

First Way: Direct Way

The first way of downloading the embedded video is to download it directly. Some videos have been embedded in website MP4 player which means you can be able to download them in the same way as you save an image online. This is the simplest way ever.

All you need to do is just to right-click directly the video while you are playing it. Press the button “Save video as” to download the video and save it to your local hard drive. You may also try to find the download option on the right side or bottom side of the full screen and click “download” to download the video directly.

Second Way: Using Free HD Video Converter Factory

The second way How to Download Embedded Video is to use the free HD video converter factory to download the embedded video. The steps are as follows:

  • Click “download video” on the option located on the top. After that, you could find a sentence “Add New Download” window.
  • Copy the URL of the embedded video and paste it to “Add URL”, then click “Analyze” button in order to enable the URL analysis.
  • Start downloading the video by a click “Download” and save it to your hard drive.

Third Way: Using Chrome/Firefox Browsers

Can you download the embedded video without installing any software? Definitely yes, you can. You can do it by using Chrome / Firefox browsers. Follow the steps below:

  • Open Chrome or Firefox as well as the page with the embedded video you want to download. Play the video at the current page.
  • Next step is trying to press “F12” key and select “Inspect” in Chrome as your internet source. If you are using Firefox, select “Inspect Element”.
  • Next, you must click “Network” and “Media”.
  • Then, find and click “F5” key in order to refresh the page.
  • Next, you could play the embedded video again.
  • After it is done, you will see a link.
  • Right-click the link given and select “Open in a new tab”. That’s the way the embedded video will play on a new tab automatically.
  • As the last step, please take the option “Download” or “Save videos as”.
  • After downloading process is done, it means you are finished.


Overall, enjoying the embedded video can be as fun as you want to. But make sure you have known the ways How to Download Embedded Video to support you downloading the video without any obstacle.

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Best Free File Transfer & Networking Software

Working and having fun with PC as well as mobile devices won’t be complete without the Best File Transfer And Networking software to install both on your PC and mobile devices. Why is it considered crucial to have this file transfer and networking software? Let’s say you are working in a photo studio at which you work to print photos or images. You need file transfer software to transfer the files from the mobile devices to your computer so that you can print them out. How do you transfer those images? Well, you need the networking. The connectivity will enable you to transfer images, photos, audio, videos, documents, and other files easily through the file transfer software along with the availability of wireless connection. Thus, you need definitely the Best File Transfer And Networking.

To give you some good recommendations, we have a look at the 3 software of file transfer and networking that have been widely used around the world. Check them out as follows:

Best File Transfer And Networking

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader enables you to download and save your desired video or audio from your internet sources. You can get the best video or audio in high quality along with this software. You can also be able to save the video in MP4, MKV, MP3, M4A, and OGG. The good news is that you will be able to enjoy your downloaded videos when you are in offline mode.

As one of the Best File Transfer And Networking, 4K Video Downloader serve the best with very minimal risk. You will face no virus, no malware, no adware, and no toolbars. This is because this software is an open-source as well as cross-platform.

The latest version of 4K Video Downloader you can download is definitely at free by 24.1 MB

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home

Designed as a free Wi-Fi scanner, Acrylic Wi-Fi Home provides WiFi access points and connection on the device. It also shows information about the security mechanism and derives a generic Wi-Fi password. This networking software has already been available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 as well as Windows Vista. The best features of Acrylic Wi-Fi Home are Hidden Network which is aimed to get the hidden network SSID names, Packet Viewer which is used to show the packet of the captured network, and Integration which automatically integrates the innovative driver with Wireshark. You can also get this app at free in the FileHorse.

Advanced IP Scanner

This one Best File Transfer And Networking is aimed to scan all IP addresses which can be derived from your local network. It helps you find and scan all of the computer type on the network which is available and accessible from the resources like HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, and other shared folders.

Provide your 19.27 MB and get this app free for the latest version.


Finally, we may say that installing Best File Transfer And Networking is a must. Since you need the software to connect the devices to the computer and to transfer the files.

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6 Easy Ways How To Empty Trash On Android

What is the most annoying fact of having a storage device? Whether it’s ROM or regular SD card, Android users will often find their SD full loaded suddenly. While according to the data saved, it must not have reached its optimum space.

The problem actually is not in the SD itself. Yet, it actually talks about how users manage the data within. Hence space might be full because of unused data. So the question is, how to solve this problem? Here it is some simple ways how to empty trash on Android.

How To Empty Trash On Android

  • Clean Up The Cache

Cache is usually used to store some information temporarily inside the device storage. To make use experience is better, cache often used by sites and apps. Briefly, a cache is some additional data the phone users have to load when visiting sites or using apps.

As long as an Android user does surfing and using apps, the cache will always heap up inside the phone. Some cache might be gone automatically when the users log out. But some others don’t. Clean up these caches is the first way how to empty trash on Android.

The simplest way to clean the cache is open the storage information. Look for miscellaneous files (hence it usually cache files) and erase it.

  • Dump Data That Has Been Back Up

Nowadays, there are so many sites provide the backup service. They have cloud storage enables users to save data inside the internet. Thus, ignoring this useful function in the recent day is such a waste. It is, as a matter of fact, a better way to save data rather than using hardware SD.

However, after the users upload all data into the cloud, they should erase its duplication inside the phone storage.

  • Clear The Download Folder

Every phone has a download folder, so is Android. When the users download something, the data will be stored first on this folder. To prevent any duplication, it’s better for Android user to erase the download folder. To do it, the user must open the storage first. Then, search for the download folder. Check if the data inside is necessary. If the data is unnecessary, just clear it manually.

  • Routinely Check For The Spamming Folders

When an application is removed from the phone, mostly it will leave some leftover data. This remnant consumes the storage space more than its benefit. Moreover, it would become spam and very risky to get virus infection. Therefore, the users should check for the spamming folder regularly. Particularly after removing an application. Ironically, this is still the less-known way how to empty trash on Android.

  • Remove Least-Used Apps

The fifth method how to empty trash on Android is removing the least-used apps. Most of the storage space full with apps installation. The phone user often doesn’t consider whether an app is necessary or not. It will be better for the user (and the storage in particular) to just install the favorable apps.

  • Use The Booster Apps

Last but not least, this one will show you how to empty trash on Android very quickly. Using the booster apps doesn’t only help Android users to monitor the storage condition. It’s also very useful in filtering the file. Furthermore, the booster apps such as Clean Master would detect spam and cache mundanely. So the users could erase it in their pleasure.

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3 Recommended Money Management Apps for Android

Are you the one who is always in trouble in managing your money so that you have to face some financial issues? If so, there is no doubt that you need to start thinking about doing the right thing by managing your personal finance for example after you buy an expensive wireless speaker. Thankfully, you can make use of various money management apps for android to help you manage your money easily right in your hand. Not only great to help you control your expenditure, but the apps can also be useful to help you plan your saving and even investment. Well, the following list contains some great money management apps for you Android users.

3 Best Money Management Apps for Android

Monefy – Money Manager

Monefy is a lightweight and user-friendly app that allows you to track your personal expense. In this case, you can manage the money you spend based on various categories including bills, food, entertainment, clothes, transport, health and a lot more. By using this app, you can simply track your expense as well as incomes which can also be categorized into salary, deposits, and savings in easy and simple clicks. The information is presented in charts which are easy to read and understand. In addition, there are also some useful features that you can enjoy including a calculator, protection by the passcode, multi-account support, and the synchronization with your Dropbox account and more. Download from Monefy Google Play

Wallet – Money, Budget, Finance Tracker, Bank Sync

Wallet app is one of the money management apps for android which is used by millions of Android users. To use this app, you will need to log in by using your Google, Facebook, or email account. Wallet is a right app to help you save your money and plan for your future. The graphs given are easy to understand with intuitive analysis of your income and expenditure. To integrate your budget with your family and friends, you can share some accounts such as your family and friends to control the finances together. In addition, there are also interesting features offered by the app including PIN lock, debt management, tracking on receipt and warranty, and more importantly, you can sync it to your bank accounts. Download Wallet from Google Play

Money Manager – Expense and Budget

If you are interested in recording your personal expense as well as business transactions, Money Manager is a great android app to try. This also allows you to review your data in daily, weekly, and monthly basis as well as generate your spending reports. Besides, this is also a good app for you who find it overwhelming to manage your debit and credit card transactions. Like the other two above, this one also provides you with similar features to protect your financial information. Even though there is a free version of the app, which contains ads, you can also try to get the paid version with no ads pop up and surely with unlimited access. Download Money Manager from Google Play

Well, those are three money management apps for Android that we recommend for you. For sure, there are a lot more to check out in Google Play Store if you need further comparisons. However, the three presented here are the top apps used by a lot of android users so far. Keep in touch for more updates.

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