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Detecting MRT.exe as A Malware And How To Fix It


Mrt.exe is an application inside a computer with windows operating system. Actually, this is not dangerous. This application is installed automatically when the user installing windows and Microsoft.

But there are also some viruses that use this name and extension to camouflage them self. To know which is safe and which is the virus, the user must understand the location of this file.

What is MRT.exe

Is This mrt.exe Virus or Not

The first thing you should understand is that mrt.exe from windows only located in the system32 folder. This mrt.exe is a Microsoft removal tools. It will remove malware automatically.

But if a user finds a mrt.exe outside the system32 folder, it may be a dangerous virus. Delete this directly or with an antivirus. To save the computer, make sure to have an up to date version of antivirus and mrt.exe from Microsoft.

It Keeps Disturbing The Computer

Sometimes mrt.exe use a lot of memory and make the computer feels so slow. In addition, the user cannot open the task manager because this mrt.exe is a virus that infected a computer. It’s ok if the user wants to delete this file. But be sure to follow this step.

  1. Boot Computer to Safe Mode

Safe Mode

To do this step, the user must shut down the computer, and then start it again. While starting, hold the F8 button.

The screen will show an unusual boot screen. Scroll down and choose safe mode. Then, press the enter button.

  1. Start Run Menu

To access this menu, click the start button. Then type run. Choose the run menu, and you will see a blank form. Type “cmd” and press OK.

The next step, the user will see a black screen with some text in it. If the computer is using Windows XP, open folder, choose document and setting folder, click all users, click application. Then copy the location at the address bar.

Back to the black screen. Type cd, paste the address copied before and type dir. After that, the user must tap the enter button.

  1. Find The Malware

The user will see a long list. From the list, find names that contain more than 18 characters. After finding this suspicious file, copy the name.

Then type rd/s/q <the name of suspicious file> and press enter. After that, please type this in reg delete. hkcu\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\runonce/v<the file names>/f. Please be sure to type each character correctly. Then tap the enter button.

If there are more than 1 file which has 18 characters, the user must repeat the steps for every file. This long step may be hard to do.

But instead of harming the computer, it better if the user tries to delete it one by one. This is to make sure there is no virus left on the computer.

Actually, Microsoft gives help to the user who not understand or cannot do these steps. They provide software that can download for free. This software name is Microsoft safety scanner.

After download it, the user just need to install then run it. It is so much easier than doing some steps above. Mrt.exe can be uninstalled easily and the computer is safe.

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