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Making Instagram Captions For Campaign, Here What to Considers!

Captions For Campaign

Sometimes there is a campaign that so important but has minimal publication. And you want to help them to spread the information. Besides posting the picture of the campaign, you should make an attractive caption but also has detail information for the follower.

Making Instagram Captions For Campaign

Here are some tips to make a great Instagram caption for the campaign.

Purpose Of Campaign

The first thing people will find out is what is the campaign effect. For example, a campaign to help flood refugees. Make sure the follower know that this program is to help people there.

You can make a caption like “the refugee of Banai Flood is 3000 people. They need our help.” Tell them about the flood, and how big the effect of the refugee’s life.

What To Do To Support Programs

The second things to write in Instagram captions is how they can help or support the programs. Maybe the campaign is open for money donation, food, or looking for a volunteer.

So make sure to write down where people can put donation or contact person who can give further information. Make it clear so the follower easy to support the programs.

What Happen if The Programs Doesn’t Exist

To touch follower’s emotion, be sure to explain what will happen if they don’t support the program. For example “if we don’t help them, they may be sick or cannot go to school like before this disaster”.

Or go ahead with another statement or question as “Don’t you feel sad about their house and family? Let’s do something for them!”

Explain the situation well before asking help to the follower. Too little information will make followers not interested. But too much information will also make them lazy to read more.

If The Caption Is Too Long Divide Into 2 Or Three Post

This is important. The long caption will make people skip the post. So, if the information is too much, just divide it into a few posts.

Maybe two until three posts enough to describe all the information about the campaign. The first picture explains the reason behind programs or campaign.

Then, the second picture describes how to join or support the campaign. The third post tells about contact person or last update of programs.

Location Of Campaign

Location on Instagram

Place where the program will happen needs to explain too. You can just add the location of the photo, but to make sure, it better to give address details in Instagram captions.

Make it simple like giving an address for sending mail. This is to make the followers believe that the program is real and there are many people taking responsibility for these programs or campaign.

Another detail about the campaign is important to explain. For example, tell the follower what exactly need to help the refugees. It helps people to set the priority before giving help for the refugees.

Campaign and charity programs need a lot of support from people. With these tips to make an Instagram caption, the campaign starter will gain more support from others easily.

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