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Day: June 24, 2019

Easy Eggs Recipe That Can Be Stored Longer

Easy Eggs Recipe

Instead of letting the eggs stored in a raw form. You can also cook it. This is some egg recipe which is people’s favorite and easy to do too. Once you cook them, you can eat them the next day and maybe for the next week. This is some recipe to make the eggs stored longer, and how long do the eggs last with those form.

Easy Eggs Recipe

  1. Hard boiled

Hard Boiled Eggs

You can cook an egg with boiling water. It can be hardboiled and fully cooked or left a half cooked. If you want to store them longer at the refrigerator, it better to boil them not until fully cooked.

Then, when you want to eat them you can reheat it. Place them inside the refrigerator. But don’t freeze it. It can last for a week.

It can be nice to eat every breakfast. You will not wake up in a hurry because you need to cook first. Simply take the hardboiled egg out, reheat it for some minutes.

Or just place them at normal temperature and eat them without reheating it. The hardboiled egg can be placed inside a sandwich or eating without any additional ingredient.

You also can use it as a garnish in your food. For example a garnish in your salad, or next to the baked potato to add some protein.

  1. Omelet

Eggs Omelet

Omelet is everyone’s favorite food. It is really easy to make and need a little time. You don’t need a long time to cook it.

But the most important question is how long do the eggs last with this recipe. When making an omelet, you may place more than one eggs.

Then you may eat it while on the way to the office or school. You may eat it in a hurry and cannot finish them.

Don’t worry, you can still eat them at noon. The omelet which uses salt and pepper can hold the eggs to stay in good quality until 24 hours.

Store them inside a tight container when it is in normal room temperature. Don’t place it inside a container when it still hot.

Because high temperatures in a closed container will cause the appearance of water grains when the temperature gets down. This will cause the omelet wet and rot quickly.

  1. Pickled

Eggs Pickled

The next method is by making it as a pickle. First hardboiled some eggs. Then, peel them and left on a bowl.

After that, mix one cup of water, vinegar, salt, sugar, and pickling spice. Put the peeled eggs inside the mixed water.

You can also add beet juice inside the mix. But the eggs will be red colored.

Pickling may need more time to do. It may take more than two days. But with this method, you can save it longer.

How long do eggs last in refrigerator after being a pickled egg? It can save until more than a month. But in normal temperature, it only lasts for two hours.

After taking it out from the refrigerator, you need to eat it directly. So the flavor is good.

Those three recipes are simple to do even by an elementary school student. This way can be a way to make your morning routine easier because you already have a meal for breakfast.

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