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Day: July 25, 2020

Samsung H8000 Review: Should You Buy a Curved TV?

Samsung H8000 Review

If you are thinking about buying a curved TV, then it is imperative that you read the Samsung H8000 review. By reading the reviews, you will get at least ideas of what to expect from the TV. The curved TV is designed to deliver a better viewing experience, no matter where you are. With the curved design, you are expected to enjoy whatever displayed on the screen in such a perfect manner despite your seats. Let’s see how the device operates and performs.

Samsung H8000 Design

Samsung H8000 Design

The previous Samsung UE55HUB8500 with its 4K quality came with such a good construction and design. And this H8000 is designed with the same construction – inspired by the same perfection. The LCD panel has a slight curved design that goes along with the silver trim and slim black bezel. The stand is non-swivel kind and it has been designed to complement and support the curvature of the screen. When it comes to build quality, this H8000 doesn’t exactly match up the previous design. The ill-fitting screws (only a little, though) and the plastic enclosure around the back side are responsible for the lack of premium feel. But in the end, the TV still looks great and elegant.

Samsung H8000 Connections

Samsung H8000 Connections

The ports and connections are all located on the back. This TV does have a lot of supporting ports, such as audio and headphone outs, LAN port, aerial port, RGB Scart, 3 USB ports, and 4 HDMI ports. Rest assured that you should have no problems or whatsoever connecting this TV to other external devices. Setup is also made easy.

Test Results

After some benchmark test results, there are some visible outcomes to learn about this TV. Based on Samsung H8000 review, it doesn’t have any dead pixels – picture quality is superb. The clarity of the images and the bright detailed colors are just great. Scaling and primary chromaticity are just perfect – they can be achieved without any sweat or whatsoever. Digital noise reduction is given as an optional pick, but when you use it, it is super effective. You can improve your viewing enjoyment. Viewing angle is pretty decent. You will have to stay within the viewing limit to enjoy the best.

Good and Bad

This one is slightly different from the HU8500 in terms of the absence of Smart LED option within the user menu. It means that the onboard local dimming quality isn’t based on the hardware. But there is no need to worry as the color quality is absolutely crisp and bright. The black level is decent when you are able to calibrate the white luminance peak. During bright scenes, expect breathtaking image qualities. Even when it is dark, you can expect it to remain detailed and clear.

However, be advised that super dark scenes would be compromised – it won’t be as perfect as the slightly dark ones. You can darken the letterbox bars, but the overall quality may be compromised and may not be as intact as before.

In the end, if you want to have a promising curved TV, this one can be a good candidate. Make sure to read the Samsung H8000 review, so you know what you can get.

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